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Amy Walter has just received her certificate for attending a one day course on documents required by candidates to work in the UK.

The course was run by the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) and gave very detailed information on the documents candidates now need to produce to enable them to work in the UK.

City Centre Recruitment takes very seriously it’s responsibilities to ensure all temporary workers it supplies to its extensive client base are legally allowed to work in the UK and attending refresher courses such as this are a necessity to ensure we remain 100% compliant 100% of the time.

Amy Walter commented after attending the course

Since attending the last one of these courses just over a year ago things have moved on again. Right to work  stamps have changed in layout and colour, what to look out for when looking at a document to ensure it is the genuine article have changed and the fine if you get it wrong has gone up from £5k to £20k per illegal worker!

City Centre Recruitment supplies staff to a range of customers through Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Warwickshire and further afield. Whilst ensuring the work status of all temporary staff supplied to our customers is imperative it is particularly important to those who work in the food production arena.

Many of our customers in this arena in turn supply their products to the large supermarket chains. As part of these contracts they are regularly audited on a raft of criteria including staff welfare and right to work. It is vital that these customers only work with agencies with the highest standards as they rely on us to place high numbers of candidates onto their production lines. Audits can be conducted at the drop of a hat and access to reliable and correct information on candidates working is vital.member.logo2014

Recently we have been rolling out to our larger customers a new piece of software to complement our biometric hand scanners we use for time and attendance of our temporary workers. The software now enables us to upload  certified scans of our temporary workers right to work documents which can be viewed and printed if necessary by our clients at the touch of a button. This not only gives piece of mind to our clients but also enables them to quickly and efficiently react, therefore saving time and money, to snap audits by their clients.

City Centre Recruitment are members of the ALP and hold a GLA Licence which requires regular auditing of, amongst other things, right to work documents of our temporary workers. In addition, we supply a number of large national and international companies who now undertake regular (up to every 6 months) audits in all our offices of staff that have worked for them.

If you would like to know more about how City Centre Recruitment are able to supply your company with a 100% compliant and cost effective recruitment solution then please do not hesitate to contact you nearest office.

If you are looking for temporary jobs in Dorset, Hamsphire or Somerset or driving jobs in the UK then please register your cv via our website.


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