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Underemployment – is it here to stay?

The ONS has just published a study in which it reports that there has been a rise in people working part time who would really like to be working full time. People in these situations are termed as underemployed.

The number of underemployed people in the UK has risen from 700,000 in 2008 to just over 1.4m today.

The question is will this use of part time workers become a more entrenched characteristic of our economy once “good” times return?

In Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset, City Centre has seen this trend played out within its large portfolio of clients working in the catering, hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, driving and cleaning sectors. Companies are using temporary labour in a far more strategic way. We have a number of clients that pre September 2008 (the month we felt the icy winds of recession) used temporary staff on a very ad hoc basis as they had capacity in their permanent ranks to absorb increases in work. However, when orders slowed in 2009 on wards they found themselves with too many permanent staff which were costly and long winded to reduce.

To combat this situation and insulate against further peaks and troughs companies are using the services of agencies in a far more strategic way. We have one customer who has a company policy that 60% of its warehouse workforce must be agency so they can, at a moments notice, reduce their costs if needed.

In response to these changes, City Centre have put together a number of bespoke supply packages for our clients ensuring our service is tailored to meet their needs.

Examples of this include on and off site inductions, client handbooks, automated time and attendance systems and a number of other innovative solutions which have helped add value to our service and ensure we are providing our clients with exactly what they are after.

If you are reading this blog and like the sound of the way we operate and would like to learn more about City Centre’s approach to the supply of temporary staff, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest branch of City Centre recruitment.


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