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Temp to Perm Recruiting : Why is it so popular?

Over the past 2 to 3  years the Temp to Perm recruiting model has grown in popularity with businesses across the UK.

The question we are posing today is why has it suddenly become so popular. This method of recruiting has been around since the birth of recruitment agencies.

The popularity of the temp to perm model for employers can be traced back to a piece of legislation called

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003

This piece of legislation was introduced by the government in April 2004 (Northern Ireland 2005). Essentially the legislation was drafted and implemented to try and clarify the boundaries and role recruitment agencies played in the UK economy.

Within this legislation a specific part was devoted to claifying how, candidates who were being supplied by a recruitment business as a temporary worker, could be taken on as full time employees.

The government were concerned that many companies were being put off by high fees being charged for workers to convert. This in turn was suppressing the numbers of people in permanent employment.

The temp to perm section introduced the “Extended Hire Period”. This made provision that any company had the option to take on a temporary worker who had been supplied to them by an agency by keeping that worker on as a temp for an extended hire period. This extended period would then compensate the agency for the lost transfer fees it had been charging in the past.

This piece of legislation on its own had a smaller than expected impact on the temporary labour market with some employers implementing the Extended Hire Period on long term temps but many not.

The catalyst for the temp to perm model to really come into vogue was the start of the economic downturn in September 2008. Many companies over the preceding 1 to 2 years laid off thousands of staff. Since 2010 the economy has been in a fairly benign depressed state. Once companies adjusted to the new economic reality they soon realised that their teams were at the bare bones and any increase in sales would leave them exposed.  To get round this they have used temp labour to deliver on peak orders.

As economic confidence has returned to UK business the temp to perm model has come into its own. The benefits are massive for a business and include:

– You can try before you buy

– You can ensure the increase in business demand you expect actually comes through

– It can be a much cheaper way of recruiting

– Extended interview time

– Generally a quicker recruitment timeframe

There are a number of cons that are associated with Temp to Perm recruitment including really good candidates may not be willing to leave a permanent job for a temp job (although one which may go perm).

However at present the pros are outweighing the cons and the temp to perm method of recruiting is at an all time high. Candidate attitude also appears to be changing with most people who are unemployed and  some who are in permanent jobs accepting that the temp to perm method of recruitment is now a recognised route to gaining that dream job and is here to stay.

City Centre Recruitment, with offices in Yeovil, Weymouth, Bournemouth and Southampton, has seen a massive increase in the recruitment of staff through the temp to perm route.

Simon Thomas Director City Centre RecruitmentSimon Thomas, Director of City Centre Recruitment commented

In the past temp to perm conversions were more of an afterthought for a client. Generally we would send a temp in to plug a short term gap, the client over a period found the worker was a star and would offer them a perm job. Generally this would occur in the lower skilled end of the market. In the past 2 to 3 years this method of recruitment has transcended across all the sectors we operate in and clients will place permanent jobs with us to recruited for on a temp to perm basis.

We now have at any one time around 10% of our entire temporary work force on temp to perm journeys with a variety of clients across all areas.

City Centre Recruitment offer all its clients very attractive temp to perm options to recruit all types of staff from warehouse operatives and manual labourers to skilled CNC Millers and HGV Drivers.

If you would like more information on how recruiting on a temporary to permanent basis can benefit your company please do not hesitate to contact Simon Thomas via email or on 01202 586 930.

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