Stormy weather is on the way for the south of England

Stormy weather is on the way for the south of England and this time it is not of the economic  type. The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for the South:

A very intense low pressure system is forecast to run northeastwards across the country early on Monday, bringing the potential for an exceptionally windy spell of weather for southern parts of the UK. At the same time, persistent, heavy rain could cause some surface water flooding.  

At this early stage there is uncertainty about the timing, intensity and track of the low. However, the public should be prepared for the risk of falling trees as well as damage to buildings and other structures, bringing disruption to transport and power supplies. 

In the UK we are used to adverse weather conditions. Every year the UK is flooded, snowed on, heated up and frozen all within 12 months. It is economically impossible for the UK to be fully equipped for these intense, short term peaks and therefore they generally hit us hard.

The papers always claim the government and our individual councils are under prepared and resourced and the effects have massive impacts on business.

Yes these peaks do have a short term impact on businesses, however they are short lived and quickly rectified.

The main impact on businesses is a pause in production due to staff and/or supplies not being able to access the business premises. This in turn causes a backup of demand.

This is where City Centre Recruitment come into play. Whilst here at City Centre we have a fleet of staff deployment vehicles including 4×4 vehicles, allowing us to deliver staff to even the most remote areas during periods of adverse weather, at times it is the lack of raw materials which holds up production.

Most companies will overcome this backlog by requiring short term temp staff.

City Centre is aware of the likely fall out from this period of bad weather and is recruiting accordingly. We will always be prepared for increased levels of demand for temp staff.

Whilst we can’t change the weather we are able to help you and your business absorb the consequences.

If you are a business in Hampshire, Dorset or Somerset looking for a recruitment partner to assist you to maintain your service to your customers please do not hesitate to contact you nearest office of City Centre Recruitment

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