SPLASH at Weymouth College

Dan Shrimpton, MD of City Centre recruitment based in Yeovil, Weymouth, Bournemouth and Southampton took part as a business “expert”  in SPLASH at Weymouth College on Tuesday 22nd January 2013.

Splash is run by Working Knowledge and is titled as Splash as it aims to immerse the  students of Weymouth College into the world of work.

The course was run over the whole day and asked groups of students to put together a business idea which was initially pitched via a 30 second meet and greet exercise to each of the business “experts”. The students were then given the opportunity to question the experts on their own businesses in terms of issues they faced.

After lunch, the day progressed to assisting the groups to further develop their ideas and bring them in line with the realities of business. Dan was specifically placed on the panel focused on the sales and marketing of their individual products and was able to share some of his knowledge and experiences with a number of groups as they put together a more detailed plan.

The final part of the day involved all the groups pitching, in a dragons den style, to the business experts their refined business plans. Questions were then asked of the students which were fantastically answered by all the groups given their lack of business experience and their age.

The day was a fantastic success with real interest and enthusiasm seen from all the students.

Dan commented on the day

It was great to see the employees and potential business leaders of tomorrow demonstrate they really want to learn and succeed. A vast majority of the students I worked with yesterday saw a good job or possibly becoming their own boss as a reality and a desire in the same way they may want or desire the latest pair of trainers. Hopefully the small amount of time myself and other Dorset Business people spent with the students and this desire to succeed will put Dorset in a good place moving forward

We believe, due to the success of this event, SPLASH will be back next year at Weymouth College and City Centre looks forward to helping put a little bit back into our local community.


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