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Seasonal Boost for Job Seekers

Here at City Centre Recruitment we are pleased to report a significant upturn in the number of employers advertising seasonal jobs.

Across each of our regional offices in Weymouth, Bournemouth, Southampton and Yeovil we are recording a buoyant job market with employers seeking both permanent and seasonal staff.

We know that tourism plays a major role in the regional economy, and this is reflected in employment rates too. Whilst there are still pockets in the south west with above average unemployment, the overall statistics show that the southern England and the coast remains a very vibrant job market.

Since Easter we have seen a rise in the number of businesses looking to take on new staff, including those directly related to the summer season, such as beach jobs for the resorts of Bournemouth and Weymouth, and a range of positions in the hotel, catering and hospitality sector.

Some of the jobs are a little out of the ordinary such as land train drivers for the ‘noddy trains’ that operate in both seaside resorts. Despite the unseasonal weather, all main holiday resorts are now getting a lot busier, and staff are required for a range of beach-based jobs such as cleaning teams and beach attendants.

In our Weymouth branch we were delighted to offer a job to Toni Samways who was one of the first to apply to drive the Weymouth land train which travels from the Sealife Centre and Lodmoor Country Park, along the promenade to the new observation tower. Although new to the role, Toni has been a superstar, impressing her employer, customers on the train, and us!

Toni was nominated as the ‘Employee of the Month’ and received a bottle of fizz from Simon Thomas in recognition of her great work.

Speaking of her new job Toni said, “I love it! Even on a chilly day people are here to enjoy themselves. As a former bus driver this is something totally different. I’m a ‘people person’ and also work in the hospitality industry so I’m getting great job satisfaction and it’s fun.”

If the beach life isn’t for you, we currently have a plentiful supply of seasonal jobs in the hotel and catering industry, plus full time jobs including in the engineering sector, drivers, office admin and purchasing posts, bar staff and cleaners.

Summing up Simon said, “It’s been a rocky period for UKplc, but here at City Centre Recruitment we have an upbeat feeling that employers are now feeling a lot more confident and are recruiting again. Those seeking work should feel a lot more positive, and if you get in touch with us we will do our best to secure you suitable employment.”

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