Are you prepared for the World Cup?

The World Cup is now truly in full swing with all nations taking part in the finals having played at least one game in their groups at the time of writing.

Clearly for Brazil, the Sponsors, airlines etc the World Cup is an excellent thing as it stimulates business in their countries, sectors etc which they can predict.

The questions remains for UK Business is how will it affect us?

There are two views on this question:

1. The World Cup will affect us in a negative way

This opinion is derived for two reasons. The first being that the World Cup takes suppliers and customers eyes off the ball as the World Cup is a major distraction over an extended period. This in turn reduces supply and demand over the period. A similar situation occurred during the Queens Jubilee when effectively a weeks work was lost in the UK. In theory this causes pent up demand which is then fulfilled throughout the rest of the year. However studies of the Queens Jubilee concluded that this didn’t happen.

Secondly the World Cup can be a major distraction to your workforce. Due to the location of the World Cup in Brazil and the time differences the impact on the day is mitigated as match kick off times are from 1700 UK time. However some kick off times are as late as 2300 with matches not finishing until 0100. This, combined with the UK’s traditional viewing habits of watching sporting events in the pub, can see jaded employees turning up for work the next day. Or in some cases not turning up for work at all and opting for a sick or Duvet day.

2. The World Cup will affect us in a positive way

The UK, and the world economy, are in the process of climbing out of one of the longest periods of recession in history. Anything that helps to increase the good feeling this generates will be self perpetuating and in turn create more good feeling and therefore more business.

If England win the world cup then it is widely acknowledged that the short term pain described in the NO camp will soon be outstripped by the feel good factor. Even if England don’t win the world cup, but do better than expected this can create the same effect as we saw during and post Euro 96 when England reached the semi finals and were beaten by Germany on penalties.

City Centre Recritment with offices in Yeovil, Weymouth, Bournemouth, Southampton and Rugby believes that it is a little early to tell yet. The first England game was on a Saturday reducing the impact of people throwing sickies the day after as it was a Sunday.

Whatever happens, something will change and it is imperative as a business to be prepared.

Thursday 19th June 2014 sees the first England game played during the week. Will there be mass absenteeism on Friday? Who knows until Friday. At City Centre Recruitment we are preparing for every eventuality. We have, over the past few weeks, upped our recruitment of all levels of temporary staff to ensure we have banks of candidates available if our customers suffer.

We will be carrying on recruiting for all levels of Temporary staff throughout the world cup to ensure our clients are able to also take advantage of any surge in business created by England doing well.

If you would like to hear more about City Centre Recruitment and our innovative approach to recruitment please do not hesitate to give your nearest office a ring.

If you are a candidate who is looking for temporary or permanent work in Somerset, Dorset or Hampshire or are looking for driving work anywhere in the UK please visit our website for our latest jobs and to register your CV.

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