National Minimum Wage Increase 2013

National Minimum Wage to Increase on 1st October 2013

The National Minimum Wage is set to increase on 1st October 2013 for around 1.9 million people throughout the UK.

The basic rate of pay for people over the age of 21 working in the UK will increase by 1.94% from £6.19 to £6.31.

All other rates of minimum pay will also increase with Vince Cable overruling the Low Pay Commission personally to increase the apprentice rate against a recommendation to freeze it.

2012/13 2013/14 % increase
21 + £6.19 £6.31 1.94
18 – 21 £4.98 £5.03 1.00
Under 18 £3.68 £3.72 1.10
Apprentice £2.65 £2.68 1.10

There is always much debate around the subject at this time of year when minimum rates of pay go up.

On one hand there are the people who say that this may be the minimum wage but the living wage is a different figure. Currently for areas City Centre Recruitment supplies staff to;  Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. The living wage is assessed, by the Living Wage Foundation, as being £7.45. For people working and living in London this figures rises to £8.55.

A number of companies have signed up to the Foundations pledge to pay these rates as a minimum to all its staff.Catering Jobs in Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset

On the other hand a number of companies question the rise in the National Minimum Wage. Their argument being that their costs have gone up but they still receive the same service. In these economically challenging times companies are running very tight to ensure they make a profit and therefore survive. All are far more price sensitive and endlessly shop around for suppliers offering best value for money.

Best Value for Money is now at the forefront of most purchasing professionals minds. They are not looking for the cheapest price up front but the overall package or total cost of ownership price which will include taking into account value added additions to the base product or service.

In the case of City Centre Recruitment we supply Permanent and Temporary staff to companies throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. However over the years we have enhanced our service to add value to our service offering, including automated timesheets and real time monitoring, candidate transport, on site and off site induction, sophisticated and detailed management reporting to name but a few.

Catering Jobs in Dorset, Hampshire and SomersetThe other question which always surrounds an increase in the National Minimum wage is whether it will have a negative effect on the delicate recovery in the national economy? Only time will tell…

City Centre’s view on the increase is that it is now an annual occurrence and whilst it is always an administrative nightmare for our business and bitter pill to swallow for our customers, the shock is soon forgotten. This year in particular, as the economy gathers pace, the shock will be forgotten a little more quickly than in previous years.

This is a good thing as all companies have another far more significant and costly legislative shock on the horizon in the form of the need to provide pensions to all their staff. More information on this new legislation which is already affecting the largest companies in the UK will be given in the next few months.

City Centre Recruitment based in Yeovil, Weymouth, Bournemouth and Southampton specialise in the supply of permanent and temporary staff to the Industrial, GLA, Engineering, Catering, Chef, Drviing and Cleaning Sectors.

If you are a business operating in Somerset, Dorset or Hampshire and would like to know more information about the rise in the national minimum wage or the introduction of the new Pensions Legislation then please do not hesitate to contact your local branch.

If you are a candidate looking for a Job in Somerset, Dorset or Hampshire please visit our website for our latest live jobs and to register your cv.

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