How do I get the perfect Job in Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset?

How do I get the right Job in Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset? is the question on many peoples lips who live in these counties.

City Centre Recruitment with offices in Southampton, Yeovil, Weymouth and Bournemouth is well placed to answer this question.

When looking for a job you must approach the task in as professional a manner as you would when working. Look at Job Seeking as a job in itself.

Stage (1) Preparation

Preparation is the stage which is most often overlooked. We have lots and lots of job seekers come into our offices and say “I am looking for a job in Southampton – any kind of job in Hampshire”. Whilst we understand that in the current economic climate people are looking to just work, most Recruitment Agencies will have specialties. In the case of City Centre Recruitment we specialise in the Industrial, Engineering, Driving, Catering, Chefs and Cleaning Sectors. Across all these sectors we find jobs in an array of different positions. If we know more specifically what job you are looking for we are able to help by targeting relevant companies for you and ultimately gain more success in finding you a job.

City Centre Recruitment does accept “walk in” registrations in its four offices however we prefer candidates to either apply for specific positions via our website or register their CV via our website. This will ensure your application gets to the right person in the quickest possible time.

To be able to follow the above guidance preparation is the key. If you are looking for a job please spend a little bit of time on research and apply for jobs you are actually qualified for and want to do. If you blanket  the jobs market with general applications you are less likely to succeed rather than targeting a small number of jobs

 Stage (2) CV Writing

There is much guidance written about CV’s over the years including on our website.

Before you start putting together a CV you need to get into the right mindset. You need to think of your CV as your shop window, it is the way you sell yourself.

Rather than go into too much detail in this article there are four main points you must achieve for your CV to stand out:

– 2 pages maximum

– An easy to read font and layout + NO spelling mistakes

– A section on your key achievements to date

– A full job history with most information about your latest/most relevant position.

City Centre Recruitment receives many CV’s that are messy, full of spelling mistakes and run to pages and pages. We do take the time to read through them and try and decipher the detail from the waffle but this takes time and genuine important salient points can be missed.

 Stage (3) Searching

Once you have done your research and written the perfect CV it is time to search for that perfect job in Dorset, Hampshire or Somerset! There are three main sources of jobs:

Recruitment Agency websites such as City Centre Recruitment

– Job Boards such as CV Library or Gumtree

Chef jobs Dorset Hampshire Somerset

– Google – search the job you are looking for. For example “chef jobs Bournemouth “. This will bring up current jobs from job boards and agencies.

Let the agencies and employers do the searching for you! Most agency websites, such as City Centre Recruitment’s, allow applicants to speculatively register their CV online. You will then have the option to sign up to relevant job alerts. You CV will then be distributed automatically, dependent on the options you choose in terms of location and sector and job, to relevant consultants. Consultants will then be able to contact you once relevant positions come up.

Again it is important to add as much information as possible to online applications and ensure you are applying with the correct skills and experience  There is no point in applying for a CNC Miller Job in Bournemouth if you have no experience of CNC work and live in Yeovil.

Remember to search daily EVEN if you do register you CV online with an agency or job board specialising in your sector. As stated in stage (1) of this process searching for a Job is a job in itself.

Stage (4) Application

Once you have found your perfect job in Hampshire, Somerset or Dorset it is important to get your first “sales pitch” right. Recruitment agencies including City Centre Recruitment get 100’s of CV’s into their inboxes daily and only have limited resources to process them.

If you are not able to tailor your CV to a specific position it is imperative you include a covering email with any application addressing specific requirements of a positions. For example if a job specifies it is an immediate start you will need to say that you are available for an immediate start.

99% of all job applications are now made via email. If you do not have access to email please try to visit an internet cafe to apply for jobs and submit your cv.

Again be Professional at all times.

Stage (5) Registration

Recruitment Agencies will generally require you to come into their offices for a one to one interview. If an agency doesn’t require this it is always a good idea to check them out as they aren’t taking the time to get to know you to ensure you are being placed into a suitable positions. It is not all about skills matching. The value of a recruitment agency is it’s ability to “culture match” candidates with their clients i.e. a round peg in a round hole rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole by shaving off a bit here and a bit there.

Ensure for registration you arrive ON TIME and are dressed appropriately for the position you are going for. If you are registering for say a Litter Picker Job in Weymouth please ensure you wear/bring with you your steel toe capped boots and high vis vest. Litter Picker Job Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset

ID – It is imperative you bring with you suitable valid ID. Ask your registering resourcer/consultant at time of appointment booking what they require. Or check out our website for more information on what to bring

Sell yourself – a can do attitude will make your success rate in finding a job much higher. A negative attitude will give a bad impression.

Stage (6) Interview

Once you are registered for work your CV will most likely be put forward to a client and you will be requested for a job interview.

As with the registration it is imperative you turn up the interview ON TIME, appropriately dressed with you Can Do attitude sparkling.

 Stage (7) Acceptance

If you have followed the above 6 stages you are probably in a position where you have been offered a Job in Somerset, Hampshire or Dorset.

On being offered the job ensure you go through the details of the Job including confirming salary, start date, holidays and any benefits.

Once you are happy with the job, accept it. Once you accept a job you MUST abide by your word. The counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset are small places and candidates who accept jobs and then just don’t turn up or don’t give reasonable explanations as to why they now want to turn down a job very quickly get a bad reputation.

 Stage (8) Probation Period

Getting the right job in Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset does not stop at the acceptance stage. Think of yourself as a 100m runner. Usain Bolt doesn’t stop running his fastest before the line, he aims to start to decelerate 5 meters past the line.  It is important you take the same attitude when securing a new job. You first 3 months are likely to be a probationary period and under UK law a company can finish employees within the first year with relative ease. It is important to consider this period as an extension of the interview period.

Stage (9) Maximization

To maximize your potential and your new job you must put 100% into your work. Anything less and you will not succeed and ultimately move up the ladder.

City Centre Recruitment have offices in Yeovil, Southampton, Weymouth and Bournemouth and provide jobs in Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset. We specialise in the Engineering, Industrial, Driving, Chef, Catering and Cleaning Sectors. If you are looking for work in these areas in once of these sectors please have a look through our latest jobs or register your CV via our website.

We hope this article is of interest and a help to all those people looking for their perfect job in Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset.

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