Dorset, Hampshire & Somerset buck the UK Trend

The Office for National Statistics have just announced that UK unemployment has fallen by 49,000 people.

However statistics can be moulded to back up or prove whatever point is being made. Once you look into the stats that were released you will see that claimants of unemployment benefit actually increased by over 10,000.

How can this be and what does it mean? Ultimately it means 49,000 less people registered themselves as unemployed, which can be due to people retiring, going into education etc etc. The fact that claimants increased by 10,000 in the same period would suggest a number of people were now finding they had no other option than to claim benefit as jobs opportunities are not available.

In the case of the three counties; Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire, in which City Centre operates, claimant rates have dropped over the course of the year against a national picture of them being static.

  Claimant % Claimant numbers % change over the year
Hampshire 3.1 29,292 -0.10
Dorset 2.2 8,715 -0.13
Somerset 2.3 9,908 0.00
UK 3.8 1,547,425 0.0

Here at City Centre recruitment our experience is of a labour market which is enjoying a reasonably buoyant economy, when compared with the UK as a whole, with good levels of demand form local companies.

If you are looking for work and are currently located outside of the three counties we operate in please register your CV as City Centre has extensive experience of assisting candidates in re-locating candidates from across the UK and overseas for the jobs we have on offer across the 3 counties

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