Dan Shrimpton and Rachel Wilson speak to Bournemouth University

Dan Shrimpton and Rachel Wilson of City Centre Recruitment have delivered a presentation on professionalism to the 1st and 2nd years of Bournemouth University’s Tourism and Hospitality Department.

The Tourism and Hospitality Department of Bournemouth University run 6 different courses including

The Department has an excellent reputation with it being voted for twice in the past five years as the number one for Tourism (including Hospitality and leisure)  in The Guardian University Guide League Tables

Dan and Rachel were given a brief by the department to give an insight into how professionalism manifested itself in the work place. The talk was split into four main sections with introduction and theory sections  forming the first half of the talk.

The third and fourth sections were dedicated to real life situations.

The Recruitment Process

Dan described what employers look for (good and bad) throughout the whole recruitment process including CV mistakes and must haves, Interview pitfalls and essential preparation. Finally working trials and the first year of employment were described

How does professionalism manifest itself in the workplace – a real life example

To try and bring the theory of professionalism into perspective we ran through a real life situation.

When City Centre Recruitment first trades with new customers we like to visit our customer and really understand their requirements to ensure we can match candidate skills and experience to the temporary or permanent jobs. This initial operational meeting also allows us to understand the Culture of the organisation so we can get the intangible Cultural Fit element correct.

In the case of the example used in the presentation, during this initial stage with this particular client we established that staff would greatly benefit from an off site briefing before being placed in temporary roles. The aim of this briefing was to ensure temporary staff deployed to this customer would understand the professional standards and systems that this client operated to.

This approach ensured all candidates working in temp jobs for the client were able to hit the ground running whilst also maintaining the same professional standards and consistency in service as the permanent staff.

The briefing document goes into some detail and was broken down into two sections

Section one is dedicated to conduct when interacting with colleagues. This included how and when to ask questions, briefings and what not to do.

Section two is dedicated to conduct when dealing with customers. This includes a piece on body language, vocabulary, complaint handling and personal presentation.

By going through this real life document the students were able to get an idea of the detail that employers go into when preparing their product for customer interaction.

City Centre Recruitment, with offices in Bournemouth, Weymouth, Southampton and Yeovil are delighted to have been able to help the 1st and 2nd year students of Bournemouth University’s Tourism and Hospitality Department’s Degrees get an insight into what is and what will be expected of them once they finish their courses and go out and look for a career.

If you are looking for staff or looking for a job and would like to know more about City Centre’s approach to recruitment please do not hesitate to contact your nearest office.

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