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Dan Shrimpton interviewed for BBC Radio Solent

Dan Shrimpton, Managing Director of City Centre Recruitment, was this morning interviewed on BBC Radio Solent’s Alina Jenkins Breakfast Show.

The interview focused in on the forthcoming removal of legal barriers for Romanian and Bulgarian workers to find jobs in the UK.

The barriers are lifted on 1st January 2014 and Romanian and Bulgarian workers will enjoy the same rights as UK citizens to work and live in the UK.

The breakfast show presented by Alina Jenkins on BBC Radio Solent is focussed on the topics and issues Dorset faces and the question was to establish what impact this change in rules will have on Dorset.

Dan Shrimpton was approached by BBC Radio Solent to act as a local “expert witness”.

The view of Dan and the team at City Centre is that January 1st will not see a massive influx of Bulgarian and Romanian workers in Dorset specifically. Dan explained that this opinion is based on three points

(1) International Picture – When the laws change on 1st January 2014,  the laws will also change in a number of other countries giving Romanians and Bulgarians the choice of country in which to work. In 2004 when rules were changed for Poland and other states joining the EU for the first time only three countries (UK, Ireland and Sweden) gave full employment rights. A majority of other EU member states deffered having to give full employment rights.

(2) National Picture – Since 2008 under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme Bulgarian and Romanian nationals have been given permits to work in the UK agricultural sector. In 2012/13 21,250 permits were issued.   2013 sees the end of this scheme as Bulgarian and Romanian workers gain full employment rights. However due to this scheme these countries have built up links with areas heavily reliant on their services under SAWS. It is therefore widely considered, initially at least, most new immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania will go to these areas.

Whilst Dorset is mostly a rural county, the type of agricultural activities which require large numbers of unskilled workers such as fruit picking or vegetable harvesting are not present.

(3) Local Knowledge – City Centre Recruitment with offices in Bournemouth, Weymouth and Yeovil supply at minimum wage or near minimum wage jobs to a variety of businesses throughout Dorset. These are the very type of jobs which we would expect new immigrants to the UK to be looking for and therefore we are well placed to guage increases in certain nationalities work seeking activities within the county.

Nick Graff Senior Business Development Manager for our Weymouth and Yeovil Branches of City Centre Recruitment commented;

Over the past 5 to 6 months we have not noticed any sort of increase in inquiries regarding work opportunities from either Romanian or Bulgarian workers. All City Centre Recruitment branches actively recruit for the best candidates for our clients and through this process take on people, obviously after checking their right to work, from a variety of different countries. I think it will take a number of months before any noticeable numbers of Romanian or Bulgarian workers are looking for work in Dorset.

City Centre Recruitment with offices in Bournemouth, Southampton, Weymouth and Yeovil provides temporary and permanent jobs in the Industrial, Warehouse, GLA, Engineering, Catering, Chef, Commercial and Cleaning Sectors. If you are looking for perm or temp jobs in Dorset, Somerset or Hampshire in a sector we cover please visit out jobs pages for our latest vacancies.

If you are looking to talk to a recruitment partner with their finger on the local pulse please do not hesitate to contact you closest branch or please feel free to email Dan Shrimpton directly.

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