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Stronger Together is a multi stake holder initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery, particularly hidden forced labour, labour trafficking and other third party exploitation of workers.

The initiative is run as part of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP), of which we are members, and is funded via a range of stakeholder partners including all of the major supermarkets in the UK.

If you have not heard of Stronger Together you may also not have considered Slavery still exists in this day and age. I can tell you it does and it is now estimated there are more people in the world enslaved than at any other time in history.

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Modern day slavery is a little more sophisticated than in the past however it maintains the same aim of getting people to work against their will for little or no financial gain.

As a major employer in the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset, City Centre Recruitment understands that it plays an important role in helping to stamp out this illegal practice. Through the process of becoming a Stronger Together Business Partner we have implemented robust processes and checks in all offices in line with their recommendations to help identify people working against their will.

If you currently use our services you can rest assured that we have integrated the Stronger Together message into our registration process and all consultants have been trained to spot the tell tale signs. We will also be conducting relevant random interviews and audits to identify potential victims. Along with the normal right to work checks, referencing and face to face interviews we believe we are able to provide the most robust recruitment service in the three counties we operate.

If you don’t currently use the services of City Centre Recruitment and would like to partner with an agency who integrates compliance into their day to day working practices then please do not hesitate to give your closest office a ring.

To read our Policy on “Preventing Hidden Labour Exploitation” please visit our policies page on our website

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