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Catering and Hospitality Jobs are helping to reduce youth unemployment

A new report by EY demonstrates that Catering and Hospitality Jobs are helping to reduce youth unemployment throughout Dorset, the South and South West, UK and Europe as a whole.

The report, backed by both HOTREC and the Brewers, was conducted Europe wide and found that in 2010 the hospitality Sector Contributed one trillion euros in output. In figures this is €1,000,000,000,000, in other words a very large figure!

The output figure made up 8.1% of the overall European Economic Output and provided approximately 16.6 million jobs or 1 in 13 of every job in Europe.

In the UK the Hospitality industry employs over 2.6 million people which equates to over 10% of all jobs.

In the face of economic turmoil, the industry over the past 2 years has created over one-third of all new jobs in the UK despite only accounting for 10% of the UK’s Jobs market.

If we look at this information in terms of people under 24 you can see why the catering and hospitality industry plays such a large part in tackling youth unemployment.

The Catering and Hospitality Industry has always traditionally been a great entry point for young people to gain their first taste of working life. New hospitality jobs created by the industry generally represent opportunity for young people.

This is the reason why the British Hospitality Association along with 1,200 establishments has pledged to create 30,000 new job opportunities within the industry.

Youth unemployment in the UK stands at around 1,000,000. There are around 240,000 catering establishments in the UK of which 80% are small or medium. The BHA are trying to stimulate these 80% to each create a new job  which would add another 200,000 jobs to the market and help to reduce youth unemployment accordingly.

City Centre Recruitment based in Southampton, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Yeovil have a specialist Catering and Hospitality Division providing Catering and Hospitality jobs throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset.

Our Catering and Hospitality division is headed by Rachel Wilson. Rachel has worked in the Hospitality Industry all her working life and understands the needs of her clients and candidates alike. Rachel commented on the initiative

“It is great to hear that the BHA has spearheaded this initiative as this is exactly the way I got my first job. I started out as a waitress moving on to become an F&B Manager before jumping the hedge and getting into Recruitment. I think whatever career you want to pursue the catering and hospitality industry gives young people an excellent start and grounding to their professional lives.”

If you are looking for temporary of permanent work as in the catering and hospitality sector please do not hesitate to contact Rachel with an up to date CV or visit our website for our latest LIVE vacancies.

If you are a business looking for temporary or permanent workers Rachel and City Centre are able to supply catering and hospitality staff to establishments all over the UK and Europe. Please do not hesitate to give Rachel a ring in our Bournemouth office or drop her an email.

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