A day in the life of Vicky Roskell-White

A day in the life of Vicky Roskell-White

Following on from our recent “a day in the life of” blog series, giving you an insight into the working day of members of our team, the next person to put their day under the microscope is one of our newest team members, Vicky Roskell-White

Vicky joined City Centre at the beginning of September in a dual role. The first part of her role is as the Senior Account Manager for one of the businesses largest clients, Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and West Dorset District Council.

Vicky Roskell-White City Centre RecruitmentThe second part of her role is to develop a Commercial Recruitment division for City Centre in the West Dorset area covering temporary and permanent placements

Below, Vicky recalls a working day from last week

5.35am: I receive my first call of the morning from one of the 3 refuse depots we supply to for Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and West Dorset District Council as part of the Dorset  Waste Partnership. They need an extra 2 staff than planned at the Weymouth depot today. All our staff that are placed to the depots undertake a health and safety induction at Interview stage and then receive a ‘passport to work’. We maintain a standby list of inducted staff for each morning, and as soon as I receive the call I contact my standby list and ask 2 staff to be at the depot as soon as they can and confirm the names to the depot.

6.15am I contact the Weymouth depot and they confirm that both extra staff have arrived at the depot and have been assigned a crew and sent out to work.

6.45am It is shaping up to be a busy morning. The Dorchester depot call to say they require an additional person aswell. I repeat the same process and let them know that they will have an extra loader there by 7.15am

8.00am I arrive in the office and update my hours planner to include the 3 staff that have gone in as extras this morning so they can be added to the timesheets for payrolling. Over the next hour I  call to each of the council departments we supply staf to to make sure that everyone is on site which they are. We supply 9 departments in total carrying out a range of jobs from car parks attendants to administrators, so I am always interviewing a wide variety of staff!

8.50am: All my staff are on site for the Council and I wont need to organise staff for tomorrow until the end of the refuse shifts at 2pm so it is time to put my other hat on and turn my focus to the commercial division. AS my commercial clients work 9-5 generally, the dual role works well as I can attend to the Councils needs in the morning and then focus on the Commercial division afterwards. Plus the fact that the team in the office all help and support each other, our clients always receive a great service.

 9.00am I have 2 new staff starting for a company in Weymouth today as temporary Administrators so I call to make sure they have arrived ok. Both are there and are being shown around the office. I agree to call back about 4pm today to make sure they have settled in ok on the first day and are picking the role up quickly enough.


9.15am: I have 4 different roles to work on this morning, 2 sales positions and 2 administration roles so I spend the next 3 hours going through the CV’s I have received from my adverts and also searching our online job boards for the perfect candidates. I speak to 10 candidates in all and have shortlisted candidates for each of the roles.

12.30pm: I need to speak to the HR Managers about the canddiates I have shortlisted but all are on lunch so I grab the opprtunity to do the same.

1.00pm I spend the next hour speaking to the HR Managers about my canddiates. I have a great relationship with my clients and many of them trust me to shorlist for interview on their behalf whilst some still like to see CV’s before making the decision on interview. After outlining the benefits of each of the candidates I have shortlisted I secure interviews next week for 6 candidates across 3 roles and my 4th client is reviewing 3 CV’s and will come back to me with interview times tomorrow

2.00pm Time to switch hats again and I call all the Coundil departments for rebook numbers for tomorrow. Each department confirms which staff they require for tomorrow and any extra staff needed. Aided by Tina and Katie, we reconfirm staf for tomorrow and book 4 extra refise loaders in for a 6am start across 3 different depots and then confirm standby staff for each of the depots. Many hands make light work and the process is complete within the hour.

3.00pm I confirm the interview time and dates with each of the canddiates and then email my clients to confirm that all canddiates are confirmed. Katie then sends out our interview packs to each of the candidates, outlining detail of the company, directions, interview tips and time and date confirmation.

3.30pm Developing a division means I need to raise awareness in the local area. I spend the next hour and a half calling local businesses introducing our services to see if they would benefit from a recruitment partner for either temporary or permanent jobs. A really encouraging afternoon and a great response means I manage to book appointments with 1 company for tomorrow and 2 next week aswell as a local solicitor asking me to look for a team member for them.

5.00pm I receive a call from the last of my 4 clients I forwarded candidate to this afternoon to let me know they have reviewed the CV’s already and would like to see one of my candidates tomorrow at 9am if possible. I call the candidate and luckily he is not working so can attend the interview. I call the client back and arrange all the details. The candidate is then emailed an interview pack for the morning.

5.30pm Just time for a quick catch up with rest of the team before the end of another busy day. My role is really varied and really busy but that it the appeal to me of working in recruitment, I love it…….Although if the phone did not ring until 6.30am tomorrow, that would be nice!

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