A day in the life of our chef and catering consultant

Following on from our recent blogs, giving you an insight into the working day of members of our team, the next person to put their day under the microscope is our Chef & Catering Consultant, Rachel Wilson

07.00am:  My day starts a bit earlier than normal, as I have a new Sous Chef starting today in Brighton. As I provide chefs all over the UK from my base in Bournemouth, I cannot always be there to meet them, so I call the chef to make sure he has found the hotel and then call the head chef to confirm he is there and ready to start work. Everything is fine, a good start to my day.

08.00am: I am in the office and meet with the rest of the catering team to run through our day and discuss any outstanding bookings and types of staff we are looking to recruit. If the perfect candidate walks through the door, I don’t want to miss them!

08.30am: Most of my chef and catering staff contact will be working and in the middle of breakfast service, so I avoid calling until after 10.00am. Instead, I spend the next hour checking my inbox and CV databases to see if I have received any applications from my current jobs overnight. Lots of responses luckily, so lots of calls to make to find out more about them and their skill level.

10.00am: I spend the next hour calling round to my existing clients to make sure they are happy with my staff and if they need any extra catering staff for lunch or dinner service. Everyone is happy but fully staffed so no immediate requirements to work on. Sometimes we need to react at short notice and provide extra staff very quickly, but as it is midweek, it seems to be a bit quieter today

11.00am: The next couple of hours is spent calling prospective clients across the UK to try to find work for some of my current candidates that are coming to an end of their assignments and placing new candidates that I have  interviewed and received references back for. The hospitality sector has been relatively quiet over the last month or so, but things are picking up now coming into the Xmas season and I manage to make some great progress. Interviews arranged for 3 chefs as far afield as Jersey.

1.00pm: Lunchtime – meeting an ex-colleague for coffee (who just happens to be a restaurant manager and is looking for work, maybe I can help!)

2.00pm: Back in the office and a message from a colleague letting me know that one of our regular clients does need staff tonight after all. A quick call confirms that they need 4 waiting staff for a last minute function. We have a great team of staff who can always react at short notice and the booking is filled in 15 minutes and the client called to confirm names.

2.30pm: The next hour is spent calling more prospective clients to find work for current candidates before I leave the office for a service review with an existing customer. A slightly more challenging  hour as a lot of my contacts are busy with lunchtime  service but I am trying to find work for management level staff this time, so most of my calls are to the General Managers or HR. No luck this time, but I am persistent, the candidates I am working on behalf of are great and they will be snapped up by someone

: Time for my meeting, luckily it’s a local client but being from a hospitality background, I find service reviews really important to make sure I know exactly how we are performing in the eyes of our clients and that we are helping them overcome their challenges, not creating more challenges for them.

5.00pm: A long meeting- my client loves to chat! More importantly they are happy. They singled out 2 staff in particular that have really shone over the past few weeks. They could be possible contenders for the new temp of the month initiative we are starting in December, so I will forward their names and reasons onto the directors who will make the final decision. We discussed their Xmas plans and staffing levels, they are happy to use us for all their temporary staff during this important period for them.

5.15pm A quick check of my emails in the car after the meeting and another interview request, great. I call the office and let them know that I will be going straight home to access my system rather than go into the office as it is closer.

5.30pm I log on at home and call the client and candidate requested for interview and arrange for tomorrow at 1pm. This vacancy is a permanent one so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

6.00pm: Finished for the day…well kind of. I am at a networking evening tonight at a hotel in Bournemouth, just enough time to get ready and grab my business cards!

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