A day in the life of our Bournemouth Industrial Manager

This is a snap shot of a day in the life of our Bournemouth industrial Manager – Nikki Nunez.

Some people have been known in the past to question exactly what do recruitment agencies do for their money.

To answer this question we thought over the coming weeks we would give you an insight into what some of our team members do on a daily basis:

First up is  Nikki Nunez, Business Development Manager and head honcho of the Industrial Division who recalls her day yesterday

I have given my delivery team a well deserved rest from the 24 hour service after a busy weekend so my day starts early!!

3.00am  I receive a call from a well known Parcel Delivery Company requiring an extra driver ASAP. I  access our  recruitment system from home and quickly find a driver from our reserve list and am thankfully back asleep by 3.45am after speaking to the client to confirm the driver has arrived!

5.55am the phone rings again as one of our candidates is running late to his ongoing job as a refuse worker as his car has got a flat tyre. I ring the client and let them know he will be 15 mins late and organise for the candidate to meet the refuse lorry at a set point so the crew can leave the depot on time and not delay the collection service.

7.30am I am on-site at a new client this morning where we have 4 new candidate starting as  machine operators. I am there to make sure the candidates are welcomed by a friendly face, introduced to the client and shown around. This is a service we offer for every new starter where possible. Starting a new job can be nerve wracking and seeing a familiar face on your first day is important.

8.30am  I arrive in the office and have a 30 minute catch up with the Industrial team over my first cup of strong black coffee of the day. All our clients have already been called by the team to make sure all our staff are on-site and if any extras were required. All our temps are in and 2 clients also needed extra staff, which has already been dealt with by my team – Its great to have such a good team to rely on. We run through the plan for the day, job roles we are recruiting for and the progress being made on each of them.

9.00am: Whilst my team are searching the CV databases we subscribe to to source candidates and check the overnight job applications, I spend the morning calling potential clients in the East Dorset area to see if we can assist them with their recruitment needs. I am also informed by one of my clients that they are nearing the end of a large order and will not require 6 of my staff after Friday so the pressure is on. With a month to go before Christmas we need to make sure we find these valued workers more work

12.00pm: Success… after more than 30 calls to both my current and prospective clients, I have managed to place 4 of the candidates with exisitng clients into roles very similiar to their current position and on a higher pay rate. I have also booked a meeting with a new client for this afternoon who could potentially take the remaining 2 candidates and 2 new candidates. I ask my team to contact the client that is laying off the staff to let him know we can hopefully place all the candidates into new roles and  that I will meet with him later this afternoon, so I can speak to the candidates about their new roles.

2.00pm: Meeting with the new client… I am confident in our service and quality of candidates so hopefully the meeting should go well.

3.0opm:  The meeting went very well. The client gave me a full factory tour and was impressed with our service levels. The client wants the staff for a long period of time so was particularly impressed with our innovative solutions for montioring and manging the agency workers regulations and our time and attendance recording system. We have agreed the pay rates for the staff and I was asked for 4  start on Monday. I advised the client I was going to meet the company that was laying off my 2 candidates now and would confirm later this afternoon if they will accept the new positions, but I was confident they would. I also call my delivery team, explain the role and the working environment and ask them to identify 2 more candidates for the new client and prepare CV’s to be sent this afternoon.

3.30pm: Meeting and cup of strong black coffee (again!) with my exisitng client to discuss the 6 staff being finished at the end of the week. I thank him for the work he has given them and do a service review on the staff. He has been very happy with their performance and would use the staff and our service again. I advise him that we have managed to relocate all the staff from Monday and ask to speak to all the staff at 4pm when they finish.

4.30pm: I have spoken to all 6 staff and advised them seperately of their new roles. They are all very happy to be going straight into a new role and all accept. I am pleased aswell. Our candidates are our greatest asset and we try our hardest to make sure they are kept working. I advise them all they will receive an e-mail outlining their new roles, start times, pay rates etc before Friday.

4.45pm: Call the team  on the way back to the office (Handsfree of course) advise the delivery team of the outcome and ask them to prepare the job offers. The team have already found 2 candidates for the new client which have been sent to the client and accepted – great news! The candidates have been invited into the office at 10.00am tomorrow to receive their job description and City Centre starter pack which includes PPE, handbook and manual handling training

5.00pm: Back in the office to check and reply to any e-mails I haven’t managed to respond to this afternoon and send over terms of business to my new client. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to supply and advise him that one of the team will be there on day 1 to meet the staff – its all part of our service.

5.30pm: Home time – a long day starting at 3am but a rewarding day aswell. I have managed to keep 6 staff working, secured a new client giving 2 new candidates work and received an excellent service review from a satisfied existing client. Recruitment can be challenging and hard work but I couldn’t imaging doing anything else…..although I do hope the phone doesn’t ring quite as early as 3am tomorrow!




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