A Day in the Life of Nick Graff is a Snowy One!!

Following on from our recent blogs, giving you an insight into the working day of members of our team, the next person to put their day under the microscope is our Business Development manager for West Dorset and Somerset, Nick Graff and this is his, A day in the life of…

After a poor few months weather wise, we have decided to recall one of Nick’s more challenging but productive days during this recent cold snap

5.30am: I am up at this time every morning to walk my dogs and wake up to a blanket of snow on the ground, as forecast. In rural West Dorset  this means one thing, travel disruption and staff having difficulty getting to work. I haven’t had any calls from staff yet, which is a good sign and our first workers do not start until 6am, but I need to be ready, so it’s a short walk for the dogs this morning and home by 6am.

6.00am I start my remote check ins for those clients that utilise our hand scanner time and attendance system from home. I am able to view on my company phone an attendance register for each site and the exact time they scanned in. By 6.05am I can tell that all my staff are on-site at the 3 companies that utilise the system. The system is of fantastic benefit to both me and my clients as I can tell before them if they have a shortfall of staff and I can begin to address it quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
We deliver despite the weather

6.30am I get my first client call of the day from one of my long standing clients. They are in a remote location up a very steep hill and the have had a number of their staff call in already saying they cannot get to work as their cars will not get up the hill. It is a recurring problem for the client every time it snows. It is exactly why City Centre invested in a 7 seater 4×4 vehicle for me. I let the client know that I have staff on standby already as I thought this may be the case. I call my delivery team who start ringing round the standby team and I get ready to set off in the 4×4 to collect temps and deliver them to site.
7.30am: I arrive at the client site with 6 staff that the delivery team have contacted and I have collected. I notice a couple of their staff stuck on the way up the hill and go back and give them a lift once I have dropped my staff off. The client needs another 6 staff and I am back on the phone to the delivery team and back on the road again.
8.45am: The next 6 staff are now on site and I am heading back to the office. I collect 1 more staff member up on the way back to the office who is having car trouble  and deliver them to a client site near our office for 9.15am. She is 15 minutes late but the client is very grateful we managed to get her there.
9.00am: Later into the office than planned but a productive morning and some very happy clients. Despite the weather we have 100% of our staff on site. Time for a well deserved coffee and a slightly delayed morning meeting to discuss the plan for the day. The rest of the morning is spent calling prospective clients to make sure that they have enough staff on site due to the bad weather and if not if we can assist either today or over the next few days as the cold snap is forecast until the end of the week.  A very productive morning with 2 totally new clients struggling for numbers in their factories and needing assistance tomorrow for the rest of the week. The bookings are passed onto my delivery team who immediately contact available candidates who can be picked up by our transport and delivered to these locations for the next few days.
11.30am: I contact both clients and confirm we can supply tomorrow and request I visit them today to get an understanding of the environment and role the staff will be doing to make certain the staff we have picked are the correct ones. I understand the roles already but it is important to be certain so that we can find that perfect fit.
12.00pm: I am back on the road again to visit the 2 clients and introduce myself and our services and make sure we have selected the correct staff for the assignment

2.30pm: 2 really encouraging visits. The first client was very pleased with the service we can offer and the candidates we have selected will be a good fit into their environment. The candidates we have selected have their own transport so when the weather improves, if the client still wants to use them, they can get to work on their own and continue to work there. The 2nd client job role was different to what I expected and a lot more complex. I

therefore renegotiate the pay rate and contact the delivery team whilst I am with the client to skill match again. The delivery team contact me before I have even left the client with  names and confirmation they will start tomorrow.
3pm: The freezing cold and rushing around this morning has left me starving so I stop for a late lunch on the way back to the office

3.30pm: After a quick catch up with the delivery team on the morning they let me know they have filled a number of increase orders for clients for tomorrow and provide me with 3 very strong candidates for a role we have been working on for the last few days. I speak to my client and inform her of the progress we have made and run through their skills over the phone and manage to secure a commitment to interview all 3 candidates this Friday. I then go through the ‘snow’ pick ups for the morning and timetable with the delivery team so I know where both  I and the candidates need to be.
4.30pm: Time to hit the road again to collect staff. This has not been a normal day for me. We provide transport with our branded minibuses and uniformed drivers on a daily basis but when the weather is this bad my clients really appreciate  my help with the 4×4. Plus we have picked up 12 extra bookings today and 18 tomorrow through this service.
6.30pm Everyone has been collected and dropped off and a big thank you from my client for my help. I am on the road early tomorrow to provide the same service but before I switch off for the evening I have a chance to log on and check my time and attendance system for the 3 client sites to see what time everyone scanned out. I client finished early due to the weather but the other 2 sites worked late and did overtime, which always pleases my staff

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