839,000 illegals living in UK?

A new report, Practical Measures for Reducing Irregular Migration which was written by researchers at the London School of Economics found there were between 417,000 and 863,000 illegals living in the UK, with a central figure of 613,000.

Its findings are accepted by the UK government. The report says that it believes that the main countries from which illegal residents have come are India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.

The LSE report says that it is, by definition, hard to be exact about the numbers involved. Illegal residents comprise those who entered the country illegally and those who have overstayed having entered legally. The authors of the report believe that the majority of illegal residents fall into the latter category.

The report says that the taking of bio-metric data from immigrants and all those who apply for UK visas has made the task of finding illegal migrants easier. The report also states that between 2004 and 2012, about 10,000 illegal migrants were granted permission to remain in the UK indefinitely based on fourteen years of stay in the UK.

Following this revelation it is imperative if you use temporary agency staff that you are 100% sure your current agency has done all the correct checks to avoid them suppling any one of the 863,000 illegal people currently in the UK. Whilst the agency is ultimately liable for the £5k per person fine for every illegal worker, the bad press and disruption that a home office raid on your premises can have can run into thousands, not to mention the fact you will loose your entire temporary workforce in one fell swoop.

City Centre recruitment based in Southampton, Weymouth, Bournemouth and Yeovil take compliance as their number 1 priority. All consultants and delivery staff are fully trainined on home office rules, regulations and various passport stamps and documents. We have an in house identity check manual and a lead consultant who is kept up to date on the latest documents via 3rd party training and the Association of Labour Providers (ALP).

To give 100% peace of mind, we can provide for our clients, in conjunction with our innovative time and attendance system, a digital image of all relevant right to work documents for all temporary workers on site, viewable via a secure online portal. This is particularly useful for clients in the food manufacturing sector who have regular compliance audits by their customers.

If this value added service is something you would like to hear more about please do not hesitate to contact either Dan Shrimpton or Simon Thomas for more details and a demonstration.

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